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  • Versailles

    Versailles Black and White nursery decor by Trend Lab crib bedding touts a beautiful and very sophisticated theme that can be used in the nursery of baby girls or baby boys for an elegant and timeless result that parents are sure to take pride in. The phenomenal unisex nursery bedding collection is composed of black and white damask room decor and some beautiful and exceptional accessories. Versailles Black and White Neutral Damask baby bedding is a great way to welcome your baby into a world as beautiful as he or she is and makes a wonderful choice for your nursery.

  • Yacht Club

    Spoil your little one with some luxurious style when you choose this cool Yacht Club crib bedding collection made by the wonderful and esteemed Trend Lab room decor designers for winsome good looks that are perfect for functional display. The Yacht Club Classic Blue Brown and Cream Nautical Sail Boat nursery bedding is themed sailboat nursery decor that combines with classic striped baby bedding for a timeless and rich looking result with an undeniably beautiful nautical theme that is perfect for a beach house or a seaside cottage and looks just as sweet in your home as you celebrate a love you will share with your child of ocean faring ways.

  • Giggles

    Choosing the nursery items for your little boy or girl is always a fun time for new parents and more so when they have so many great trendy room decor options to choose from. Trendy Lab nursery decor is just one of the many companies that cater to new moms and dads with eye-catching patterns and innovative color schemes. One of their very popular lines is the Giggles green and brown modern dots and stripes baby bedding set. The Giggles crib bedding is the perfect touch to a chocolate and green nursery decor and the fun design makes any nursery room stand out.

  • Max

    Trend Lab baby bedding always has the most fun designs for your baby's room. Their Max Blue and Brown Modern Dots and Stripes crib bedding has just the right mixture of color, pattern, and texture that you want for your little boy's room. If you are looking for patchwork room decor that looks more modern than an heirloom quilt, Max nursery bedding is exactly what you want, simple and sophisticated. Texture can also add quite a bit of appeal to a nursery, which is why microsuede nursery decor like the Max Blue and Brown Modern Dots and Stripes crib bedding collection are quickly becoming a very highly sought after category of nursery bedding.

  • Maya

    Maya Pink and Brown Modern Dots and Stripes baby bedding is the hottest look in microsuede room decor for little girls. Maya crib bedding puts a modern spin on patchwork nursery bedding with a design that is both beautiful and simple. Rich chocolate brown and bubble gum pink are perfect together, especially when they meet up with dots and stripes. Buttery microsuede fabric lends a luxurious look and feel to this patchwork nursery bedding and your baby will love to touch it. Trend Lab nursery decor always has the looks that you want for your baby girl's pink and brown nursery.

  • Paisley Park

    Trend Lab nursery decor is known for its modern styling and the Paisley Park Pink and Lime Vintage baby bedding doesn't disappoint. Although the name of the bedding line may contain the word "vintage" the style is anything but old fashioned. Paisley Park crib bedding will meet any parent's need for retro room decor while still feeling contemporary enough to be considered modern nursery bedding. The Paisley Park collection is available in crib bedding and toddler bedding. If you like the pattern but don't want entire room in it, you can also choose one of the accessories like the storage bins or two-piece picture frame set.

  • Blossoms

    Flowers are synonymous with little girls and what better way to bring them out than with the cool nursery decor. Trend Lab baby bedding gives you the perfect floral choice in the Blossoms pink and brown retro flowers crib bedding collection. Not all flowers have to be dainty and elegant. Flowers in vivid color and retro patterns can help you create a unique look in your nursery.The Blossoms nursery bedding takes top color choices and designs and creates a look that any little girl will love. This pink and blue nursery decor includes accessories that add the perfect finishing touch.

  • Dreamsicle
  • Jelly Bean
  • Chocolate Kiss
  • Apple Berry
  • Mommy's Little Monster
  • Prep School Pink
  • Prep School Blue
  • Sweet Safari Pink

    Sweet Safari pink baby bedding is the perfect choice if you're looking for funky patchwork nursery decor. Not only do you get contemporary zebra print room decor, but you also get a traditional, simple floral pattern. Both contrasting patterns work together to create a different and attractive look. This Trend Lab nursery bedding coordinates with accessories and furniture pieces available in the same patterns. The Sweet Safari Pink and Brown Zebra Print crib bedding is available as bedding sets or as separate pieces. We also sell toddler bedding and toddler furniture allowing you to keep many of the same Sweet Safari accessories you bought when baby was small.

  • Nantucket Blue

    Baby blue is a common color for an infant boy's room. If you're looking for a variety of different types of nursery decor and bedding options in these colors, you'll like our line of Trend Lab baby bedding. The designer has a selection of solid baby blue items as well as green and blue nursery decor. One line from the designer, called the Nantucket Blue Nautical Sailboat and Plaid crib bedding, has several pieces featuring adorable sailboat pictures accented with green. Not all pieces in the Nantucket Blue nursery bedding set have sailboat images. Some have a plaid pattern in greens, blues and whites that's ideal for anyone looking for patchwork room decor.

  • Monaco

    Retro room decor is the latest in contemporary nursery design. Trend Lab nursery decor has put a lot of thought and creativity into the designs of their bedding and nursery accessories. The designer artfully arranges soft pastel colors with vintage-inspired patterns in grey and white nursery bedding that many contemporary-minded parents will love. The Monaco Yellow Gray and Blue Vintage baby bedding that we carry is especially popular. We have found that the interesting combination of colors looks incredibly chic and many parents love this style too. Monaco crib bedding is quality made and, depending on the item purchased, can also be attractively packaged.

  • Juicie Fruit

    You might have found this page of baby crib and nursery items of Trendy Lab nursery decor by searching for fuchsia room decor or juicie fruit crib bedding. Perhaps you were looking for hot pink and lime modern girls baby bedding or even hot pink patchwork nursery bedding. Whatever you were looking for, we're glad you found us because we know you'll find all of the modern pink baby bedding you need, right here! You'll love the fusion ottomans, colorful bright pink room decorations and modern pink and lime nursery bedding that makes a room go from just drab to colorful and fun.

  • Chibi Zoo

    Before your baby takes his first trip to the zoo he can get familiar with the animals from Chibi Zoo blue green and brown jungle anime room decor. Animated elephants, lions, giraffes, monkeys, hippos and zebras adorn Chibi Zoo nursery decor with cute and colorful wild animals on patchwork crib bedding and room accessories including hampers, curtains, and mobiles. Trend Lab nursery bedding combines a modern graphic dot print with a whimsical allover animated animal print. Microsuede baby bedding adds a super soft touch to a nursery and helps these cartoon animals keep baby safe and cozy through the night.

  • Riley Tiger
  • Rockstar
  • Cupcake

    Cupcake room decor gives new meaning to the phrase "sweet dreams." Pink Blue and Green Cupcake nursery bedding has multicolored solid patchwork panels pieced with an allover cupcake print, a multicolored bubble print, and large cupcake appliques. Cupcake room decor features stripes, dots, and cupcake prints in different combinations for a modern alternative to dots nursery decor. Minky baby bedding provides a soft sleep space that is as hard to resist as a tasty cupcake iced with frosting. Trend Lab crib bedding can be enhanced by adding cute accessories such as a cupcake clock or dot and stripe picture frames.

  • Surf's Up

    "Fantastically Fun" doesn't begin to describe the remarkably handsome and trendy Surf's Up Tropical Blue and Orange Hawaiian nursery decor, a line that incorporates soft blue velour crib bedding and a phenomenal Oceanside-inspired motif that you'll love showing off in baby's nursery. So unique and compelling, you may never again find anything quite like it. The Surf's Up baby bedding collection is a set by Trend Lab room decor and one of the cutest surfer nursery bedding sets on the market, featuring soft and supple fabrics the color of the ocean and fanciful patterns scattered with an artist's rendition of surfboards and palm trees.

  • Storybook Princess
  • Blueberry

    Blue does not have to always be for little boys. When you combine blue and brown minky baby bedding with a patchwork nursery decor you are breaking the mold that has long been set. Even girls will love the shades when they are displayed in dots and stripes that come together to create a modern look. Trend Lab baby bedding offers that option with the Blueberry room decor that is a part of the Blueberry blue and brown dots and stripes nursery bedding collection. While you may have believed that blue meant boy, choosing the right fabric and pattern will allow you to use colors in ways you have never before imagined.

  • Bubblegum

    What better way to showcase pinks and browns in your daughter's nursery than with the use of dots and stripes. Unlike traditional decor, patchwork nursery bedding that combines modern patterns with much desired color combinations adds spice and distinction to the room. Bubblegum pink and brown dots and stripes baby bedding turns those typical nursery colors into a more contemporary look and keep your stylish nature a top priority. Velour room decor in the same striped and dotted patterns will efficiently complete the look you have been after. Finding the right blend of Trend Lab nursery decor items will let you show off your flair for fashion in a classy and fun way.

  • Rockets
  • Groovy Love

    Make ageless style your personal moniker when you decorate with this great design. Groovy Love nursery bedding is retro inspired and as cute as you can imagine in your very own nursery! This Groovy Love Pink and Blue Hippie room decor by Trend Lab nursery decor is a patchwork perfect collection that is also very sweet and oh so unique! Made to rival any other heart baby bedding, this adorable blue and pink crib bedding is fun, funky, and very fashion-forward - perfect for any mom or mom to be who loves a retro look that is pretty to boot!

  • Baby Barnyard

    What's more fun than a farm or a petting zoo for your little one? We have an answer that we think you'll love! Choose from a wide array of options of Baby Barnyard room decor and bring the charm of the farm to your little one's space. Baby Barnyard Blue Green and yellow Cute Farm Animals nursery decor is a sweet option to decorate any child's personal space and of, course, Trend Lab baby bedding is well known for its high quality products and premium design. Farm animal crib bedding is a lovely choice and there are some great options to choose from including plaid nursery bedding and cool gingham embellished prints that you'll enjoy day in and day out in your little one's room.

  • Cowboy Baby

    Cowboy Baby blue brown and orange western horse baby bedding is one of the most playful and colorful cowboy themed crib sets available. Cowboy Baby crib bedding, part of the Trend Lab nursery decor collection, features mixed prints and patterns that will inspire your little one to kick up his booties and gallop off into dreamland. Stripes and solids offset this plaid nursery bedding while appliques of boots and horses make this set animated and playful. Different sized patches give this patchwork room decor a unique look and the horse's bright orange mane gives it a punch of vibrant color.

  • Brielle

    Brielle crib bedding by Trend lab room decor is a collection of wonderful hues and patterns that will make any mom or mom-to-be proud of the room she has designed for her precious little one. Brielle Pink and Blue Modern Birds and Flowers nursery bedding is a lovely example of a timeless theme that adds lovely luxury to a new child's room, part modern retro baby bedding and part traditional pink and yellow nursery decor that is all girl pretty and is sure to make a few hearts melt. Choose this collection for its winsome style or whimsical accents; it is simple, sweet and unique.

  • Little MVP
  • Lola Fox
  • Splash Pink
  • Zahara Zebra
  • Jungle 123
  • Berry Leopard
  • Medallions
  • Elephant Parade
  • Cocoa Mint
  • Savannah
  • Levi
  • Jungle Jam
  • Candy
  • Animals
  • Animal Print
  • Geo Brown

    Brown is a color associated with sweet things like chocolate and cocoa, earthly things like animals and nature, and fashion items like modern crib bedding and room decor. Trend Lab nursery bedding includes brown and chocolate contemporary neutral room decor items that make a statement that says you are of the modern world. With numerous patterns, designs and materials, finding the look that complements your fashion sense is easy. From micro suede baby bedding to 100% cotton sheets, the style you choose will be uniquely yours. Decorating a nursery in earth tones creates a calming atmosphere for your baby while keeping mom in style with her friends.

  • Hula Baby

    Decorating a babies nursery in surfer crib bedding is a great way to lighten up a room with great colors and motifs while keeping the beach theme fun and lively. You might have come across this Trend Lab nursery bedding by searching for hula baby nursery decor or surf baby bedding. You might have been searching for pink and green Hawaiian tropical flowers room decor, or you might have simply typed in Hawaiian themed nursery. However you found the Hula line nursery decor, we know you'll love decorating your baby's nursery in a Hawaiian flower themed decor, pretty in pink, white and greens.

  • Teal Bubbles

    The Teal Bubbles Modern Geometric crib bedding is turquoise and brown nursery decor at its finest! This Trend Lab nursery bedding is the choice for a contemporary parent who shuns traditional colors and traditional color combinations for a nursery. Not only do you get an ultra-modern combination of circle and geometric patterns, but you also get a touch of old-fashioned patchwork allowing you to enjoy patchwork room decor and leading-edge abstract patterns. Teal Bubbles baby bedding can be purchased as a complete set or as individual pieces. Be sure to check out the coordinates like matching wall hangings, diaper stacker, aprons, and storage bin set.

  • White Pique

    White Pique nursery bedding is an absolute American classic and a simple and timeless favorite that we can always count on for practical yet enchanting style. Take a look at the pieces from the Solid White Waffle Pique room decor by Trend Lab nursery decor and you'll understand just how exceptional this neutral white crib bedding really is and how versatile. Pair it with other solid color baby bedding options for marvelous results that you will be thrilled to tout and won't be able to wait to show off to even those friends and family who are the hardest to please!

  • Noah's Ark

    If you're looking for streamlined or simple nursery bedding, then you might like that we carry the Noah's Ark Sage and Blue nursery decor from Trend Lab. The collection like all Trend Lab room decor is quality made and will provide you with years of use. We at Baby Bedding Zone are happy to be able to provide you with this collection of patchwork crib bedding and other styles. The Noah's Ark baby bedding is popular because it features adorable cartoonish animals on a dark brown ark. Cute cursive writing completes the look and this cursive writing can be found on many of the bedding and accessory pieces.

  • Grape Expectations
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Lauren
  • Lily
  • Logan
  • Northwoods
  • Perfectly Preppy
  • Serena
  • Sherbet
  • Snuggle Monster
  • Lucy
  • ABC

    One fish, two fish; ABCs and 123s; and of course don't for the Cat in the red and white striped hat. These are all the wonderful things we remember about Dr. Seuss, and now that has been incorporated in the Dr Seuss ABC Modern Neutral Dots and Stripes Alphabet room decor with ABC nursery decor, green baby bedding, and red crib bedding. Don't be dismayed if you're searching for more of Dr. Seuss, because the Dr Seuss by Trend Lab nursery bedding collection has more great benefits like enjoying a mobile, hamper, lampshade, a letters and numbers blanket, and even a Moses basket.

  • Cat in the Hat
  • One Fish Two Fish

    Everyone loves Dr. Seuss and what's not to love? Dr. Seuss by Trend Lab crib bedding offers up some serious style that reminds us of our favorite children's books and that is why we love it so much! The One Fish Two Fish nursery decor is as adorable as bedding for kids comes, and we think you'll love the Dr Seuss One Fish Two Fish Modern Blue baby bedding, a fun new ocean room decor set, more than any under the sea nursery bedding on the market as much for its great Seussian inspired looks as for its premium quality and craftsmanship.

  • Oh The Places You'll...

    It's not just little boys that can sneak off on an adventure and go to oh so many places. But little girls can go to new places as well, without ever leaving their bedroom. Let the pink and peach room decor and the retro nursery decor take your little girl on an adventure to anywhere her imagination will take her as she gazes on the mobile, lampshade, crib bumper, or blanket in the Dr Seuss by Trend Lab baby bedding collection. The Dr Seuss Oh! The Places You'll Go! Pink Modern Girl crib bedding collection will be sure to please. You'll also be happy to find additional features of Oh! The Places You'll Go! Pink nursery bedding as well.

  • Oh The Places You'll...

    Your baby boy or girl doesn't have to just sleep in their excitingly decorated new bedroom with Dr. Seuss by Trend Lab crib bedding, but they can travel to new and exciting places also. Dr. Seuss Oh! The Places You'll Go! Blue Modern Boy nursery bedding features a crib bedding set for you to dress your baby's crib in, but you'll be surprised to find additional features to this Oh! The Places You'll Go! Blue room decor like a lampshade, a mobile, and a clothing hamper. Find all that you need to bring Dr. Seuss back to life in your baby's bedroom with a blue and yellow nursery decor and a retro baby bedding.

  • The Lorax
  • Exploring the Wild
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1 - 36 of 335 results